TeZa, which means “reap what you harvest”, found her musical identity through three years of traveling and writing with her creative confidant known as CANDLIGHT. In 2015 TeZATalks was created and her first single “Had” debuted in 2016, which gained impressive momentum with the support of several tastemakers and bloggers. Xkito, a well known Youtube blogger with over 1 million subscribers, was one of the first to endorse and repost TeZaTalks’ raw and unique sound. It was shortly thereafter that TeZATalks signed her first track to the ARTIST INTELLIGENCE AGENCY (AIA), an umbrella label and PR company under EDM.com, which was a catalyst behind her momentum and helped quickly develop her dedicated fan base.
A year after her first release, TeZaTalks divulges the first chapter of her story with the debut EP entitled “Chaos”. The Chaos EP takes the listener on an emotional musical journey that has been reviewed as refreshing and innovative, providing any listener a tantalizing blend of raw emotions and a new take on Electronic music. Supported by well known and matured music blogs such as Trap Nation, Xkito, Indie Nation, Midnight Blue, and DYMNK, TeZaTalks repeatedly shows her eclectic concepts and vernacular through her work. Collaborative features on tracks such as MacNTaj’s “Deception”, which was recently chosen by Pandora for an exclusive playlist, highlight her multi-genre vocal finesse. TeZatalks exudes versatility in her voice on Seattle based producer Levitate’s “Clique Mode”, and she can be heard as the only feature on up-and-coming Seattle hiphop artist Ryan Caraveo’s debut album track, “Supernova.” Most recently, TezaTalks' Chaos EP was highlighted as the main feature on EDM.com's Soundcloud page, boasting a following of 869,000 active followers. Striving to change the minds and palettes of all listeners, TeZaTalks continues to provide a crisp curation of multi-faceted sounds and ideas to illuminate the minds of her expanding audience.

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