Mary Lorson

Mary Lorson’s songwriting continues to evolve, having reflected pop, AOR, and prog-rock influences in previous releases (Stones, Carole King, Steely Dan, Pretenders, Morphine). With the Soubrettes, Lorson dollies farther back in time, pulling ragtime ribbons through a style that recalls the American Songbook as much as it does indie rock. The piano and the guitar take turns providing the song-spine, allowing for a liberating variety of attitudes. Amelia Sauter and Leah Houghtaling add rich harmonies and the yesteryear ambiance of upright bass and banjo, respectively. Walt Lorenzut recently joined the band on drums.

Sometimes jovial, sometimes somber, sometimes raucous (sometimes all in one song), Lorson and the Soubrettes drive these vintage-inspired songs along the fine lines between funny, tragic, and pissed-off.

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