Stevie Appleton

Stevie Appleton is a British-born songwriter, singer and record producer who was born on the first day of May 1989. He is a multi-instrumentalist whose dexterity in handling musical instrument is way out of this world. His journey in the music sphere started when he was just aged six. He learned how to play piano at the tender age of six. Stevie started playing in a Soho restaurant and performing covers of songs from music legends such as Elton John and Billy Joel. This experience helped him shape his career as a professional singer.

Fame finally came calling for Stevie Appleton when he featured in a car TV commercial called Smart. He was the face behind the brand in the commercial and performed his hit single “DIRTY FUNK” in the video. This advertisement received massive airplay around the world as it was shown in various parts of the world which include Germany, Italy, Japan and the Netherlands.

Stevie has gone on several tours and has performed alongside talented musical giants like John Legend, Stevie Wonder, and a host of others.

Stevie, as a diligent singer that always want to give his best to his teeming fans, have been consistently working over the past few years. His aim is to release songs that will inspire his fans and make them happy. According to Stevie, his new sound will be definitely influenced by musical legends who have carved a niche for themselves in the music industry. He has always made it clear that sounds of musical greats such as Bob Dylan, Fleetwood Mac, and Jeff Buckley have influenced his songs.

As a passionate singer who has always loved to work with the best hands on his music project, this desire prompted him to work with the prolific producer; Danton Supple. According to Stevie, he has always wanted to have a working relationship with Danton Supple whom he believes he has a good understanding of his sounds.

Stevie, after a long time working in the studio working with the best production team; he is ready to release an EP featuring the smash single “This is America”. He is preparing to embark on a tour with the EP and portrays the content of the songs in a good light. According to Stevie, the lead single off the EP is all about reality and hope. This new material from Stevie is a must-have for everyone as you will be treated to awesome sounds and quality production.

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