Ding Wei

Ding Wei is the one of the most celebrated female singer-songwriters in China who has also composed a prodigious output of innovative and personalised, multi-genre TV and movie scores.

Having graduated from the Shanghai Conservatory Of Music in 1996, she was immediately offered a recording contract by Hong Kong Dadi Records. Since then she has released 3 solo albums: Broken-winged Butterflythe Beginning, and Dear Ding Wei. She has won numerous Awards for ‘Best Album’, ‘Best Producer’, ‘Best Female Vocalist’, ‘Best Songwriter’, ‘Best Single’ and many other prizes for these albums. Ding Wei has co-written more than 30 scores for popular movie and TV shows with Lin Chaoyang.

In 1999 she signed a solo deal with BMG in the USA and released the Beginning. It was an immediate hit throughout mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. She collaborated with Ericsson China in 2000 and gave a highly acclaimed sold out solo concert in Beijing Twenty-First Century Theatre. She composed the Award Winning score for the movie Gone Is the One Who Held Me Dearest in the World in 2001 and then in 2002 worked as a producer for singer Ding Feifei solo album Source of Music for Universal.

Ding Wei’s solo album Dear Ding Wei was issued by BMG in 2004 – she was the producer, composer, arranger and singer on this extraordinary album that combines folk, electronica, Bossa Nova, Jazz and many other styles of music. The album went straight to #1 in the charts and the song Goodbye and I Love You stayed at the #1 spot in China Song Chart for 15 consecutive weeks. In the same year, she was invited by The Monaco Royal Family to the world-renowned charity party Evening of Roses as the star guest artist.
In 2005, Ding Wei composed the score for the movie For Love: Chapter Shanghai. She composed and produced the song Dance-Dance-Dance for actor Chen Kun, which was in the first album after Chen signed to BMG Records. She composed the score for Director Xie Dong’s movie One Summer with You, which was nominated for Best Score and many other awards in China and global Film Festivals. In the same year, Ding Wei earned multiple nominations in China’s major awards for the album Dear Ding Wei.

In 2006, she acted as a judge of Hunan highly popular TV’s programme Super Girls, and produced single songs for many singers, including Come True Again for Chen Kun, Music Hero of Joy for Lin Yilun, Old Dreams for He Jiong and Sing Together for Ye Yiqian. She also created theme songs Never Ended Singing and Even Without Tomorrow for the hit TV drama New Shanghai Bund. The following year she acted as a judge of Hunan TV’s programme Super Boys, Celebrity Singing and Southeast TV’s programme Entertainment Heroes of Mainland and Taiwan. Her single Dog was a massive hit in major radio stations and websites. She composed and produced two title tracks for Zhao Wei’s album Angel’s SuitcaseLeaves’ Admire and Morning Love and sang the theme song Sound of Blooming of Baby Anne’s audio book Gentle Life and Shining Days.

Following three years of collaboration with Lin Chaoyang, Ding Wei composed the music for the TV play Vicissitudes in the Republic of China. This won the 15th Asian Television Award, the Excellence TV Play Award, the 25th Golden Eagle Award in China, the Best TV Play Award on 16th Shanghai Television Festival and many many other major awards. Ding Wei acted as an annual judge of 2007 for China Pop Music Overall Ranking List and Top Chinese Music Awards. Ding Wei took part in the charity performance for Disaster Relief and composed and produced the song Take Your Time for the host of MTV, Zhu Zhu’s solo album. She then acted as a judge of Hunan TV’s programme Happy Girls in 2009 and created and sang the theme song I Want a Happiness Like This for the hit TV drama Dwelling Narrownessand My Dear Brother for the TV drama My Brother Shunliu. She acted as a judge for the Top Chinese Music Awards and created and produced the song What They Call for a Yuan Quan’s album.

From 2010 to 2014, she focused solely on the creation of movie and TV music, writing more than 20 movie and TV soundtracks with Lin Chaoyang, including music for the movie Love Is not Blind which was nominated Best Original Film Score in the 49th Golden Horse Award of Taiwan, 1911 Revolution as well as TV dramas Rise and Fall and the Mobile Phone.

Feeling the creative urge to present a new solo project, Ding Wei went with producer with producer SALT (Lin Chaoyang) to work on a new album. SALT asked Chris Craker, the former Senior Vice President of SONY BMG to collaborate and act as Ding Wei’s agent and manager in the UK. Dominic Miller (Sting’s guitarist) was invited to collaborate and Ian Thomas (Eric Clapton’s drummer) recorded drums for this unique new album. Once tracked, the album was mixed at Abbey Road, Air and Metropolis Studios by Chris Brown, Haydn Bendall and Dave Bascombe who, collectively had worked on albums with many global icons including Bjork, Massive Attack, Radiohead, Kate Bush and The Beatles, among many others. The album has received extraordinary attention and was signed immediately by the Cooking Vinyl label in the UK for worldwide distribution.

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