Nova Miller

Gifted with an incredible voice and individual sound beyond her years, 15 year old Nova is also a multi instrumentalist and performer. After signing with 21:12 Entertainment and BMG, there is just no stopping Super Nova. Currently working on her debut EP, Nova possesses the drive, ambition and dedication needed to make her dreams come true. Global stardom surely awaits this young Nordic talent who’s sound is inspired by Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars and Christina Aguilera. Although Nova’s songs are fresh and guitar driven, they contain a depth and storyteller musicianship unlike some of her teen comparisons. Nova’s journey into music was inevitable with professional musician’s as parents, often sleeping in a guitar case whilst on tour with them. Nova is in 9th grade at Nacka music school where she continues to hone her craft and education. Fluent in guitar, piano and violin, Nova also attends Lasse Kuhlers dance school in Stockholm. Looking forward, Nova is excited about the next stage in her career. The future is bright.

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