Janice is a 21 year old from Stockholm, Sweden.

Her mother is from Finland (yes she speaks Finnish!) and her father came from Uganda.

Musically she got her training in Tensta Gospel Choir, the same choir that has fostered Swedish artist such as Lykke Li, Seinabo Sey, Elias and Sabina Ddumba to name a few. 

For a long time she foresaw a career as dancer and she trained to become one until the age of 17 when music took over and she switched path.

Janice was to record some backing vocals on Elias single ”Revolution” when producer/writer HYENA heard her and realised the potential in her voice. The two started collaborating and writing songs together and when Bristol based artist/songwriter Javeon McCarthy was added to the mix they struck gold and during a week in Stockholm wrote seven songs including ”Don’t Need To”, ”Came Here For” and ”Monster”, all on Janice debut EP that will drop this fall.

The fourth song on the EP, ”Answer”, Janice wrote about her fathers suicide a few years back and in the song she deals with the loss and how to try and find a way out of a miserable situation.

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