Nervous Nellie

Henrik. Sebastian. Magnus. Andy

Four guys. Two sets of brothers. Two coasts. Two countries. 
Four albums. One love. That amounts to a total of fifteen something’s,
all equally important to the end result which is Nervous Nellie. 
Maybe these things are what solely make these people so marvelous. Maybe Nervous Nellie are solely marvelous because they let us laugh & cry without indignity.

Nervous Nellie have divided their fourth & most recent studio effort “Where The Nightmare Gets In” into three different chapters. Ultimately the albums main theme touches on the bands past and present nightmares & dreams. Therefore each chapter will represent a certain brain state associated with just that, as well as being under hypnosis. The songs for each chapter have been carefully selected according to lyrics & storyline to best fit each chosen brain state. The chapters will be released separately one month apart culminating with the release of the album in its entirety featuring a brand new track-list as well as bonus material. Boom!

It all starts September 2014 with the release of “Theta: Chapter One” followed by “Delta: Chapter Two” then “Alpha: Chapter Three” and finally in December the full album “Where The Nightmare Gets In”!

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