Abe Abraham

Despite all the attempts, Abe Abraham can't deny his roots. His voice spawned from the desolate croon of Detroit, was shaped by the dust soaked rocks of Colorado, and polished by the salty gloss of the California Coast.

Abe’s 2016 LP XO Love You veered away from the monotony of new folk with conviction and unwavering sincerity; it's no wonder radio savvy The Lumineers borrowed his sing-along lament Where The Skies Are Blue as one of the 15 songs on their newest album Cleopatra (Deluxe).

Track after track, live or on vinyl, each song lofts the listener through a timeless exploration of what it means to be a true songwriter. Abe Abraham’s new single, Careless Lovers, trucks along at the beautiful grey pace like the rest, putting him at the forefront of songwriters everywhere.

~S. Alexander Ulvang

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