Once, in an interview, Derrival was asked: Why be a musician in the year 2017 when the odds of success seem so low? Their response was simple. “You start before you know the odds, and by the time you figure it out, it’s too late.” For Derrival there has been no other way than living their dream. 
From taking the stage at Squamish Valley Music Festival, to being one of three bands chosen for the inaugural Juno Masterclass, and even getting a nomination from the Western Canadian Music Awards, Derrival is a band that has worked tirelessly to meet and overcome every challenge in their path and, as a result, has been one to watch from the very start. 
Their debut full length album is produced by their longtime friend and Juno award winner Ryan Worsley, and is mastered by Chris Gehringer at the internationally renowned Sterling Sound. The appropriately named Derrival is self-named and a labour of love from the five piece BC band. 
The album includes their single “Ice Cream”, which has shored up an incredible fan response online ultimately breaking the bands own personal records for listens and views. Another remarkable addition to the album is “Ghosts of Our Past” which features actress Sarah Jeffery who is best known for her work on NBC’s Shades of Blue and Disney’s Descendants. 
The album includes themes of fragility of young love, the difficult journey of an artist and obsession over celebrity. Typically each song is a permutation and a meditation on one of these themes and this album is a perfect example of this.
After a few times through it should be clear this isn’t just an album, it’s something else. It’s clear from the very beginning that it meant something deeply personal to the people who made it, and that every line was scrutinized and evaluated before release. Bands, especially young up and comers, do their best to make a statement with a debut album. After all, you never get a second chance at a first impression and for all its intricacies and themes it’s safe to say that the statement here is resounding, clear, and simple… Derrival has arrived.

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