Firefox AK

Separation, a strong love and the intense longing for a fresh start are constantly present in "Beginnings". Andrea Kellerman, better known as Firefox AK, has created five tracks that capture the melancholy when something ends but also the excitement when something else takes on. We are taken on a journey through different emotions and events. "FIREFLIES", co-written with Ludwig Bell, captures the feeling of being young and invincible while the dance-friendly single "WILDFIRE" portraits that moment when attraction and love becomes destructive. The opening track, "SHAKE IT", describes the resignation when everything has been lost. "THE SWEETEST" gives us the insight into a different kind of relationship. In this song Andrea, together with her friend Annika Norlin (Säkert!, Hello Saferide), tells us the story of someone who chooses not to act on her feelings out of respect for the other woman.

We then arrive at the conclusion. In "CLOSURE" the couple have reached the inevitable. Things have to end in order for something else, something better, to take its' place. A new beginning is required. Together or separately. Musically "Beginnings" actually started with "ONE LAST TIME", the duet with Elias. The song was the last Andrea wrote for the EP "A New Shape" (2016) and it has also pointed out the way for "Beginnings". The slow pace, the heavy synthesizers, the choirs and the analog soundscape created an emotion that she wanted to find back to with the new release. The result is a coherent EP that is, both lyrically and musically, true to its' theme all the way. The desire not to stagnate and the will to continue to seek new challenges.

A new beginning.

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