Lake Jons

Finnish trio Lake Jons has been using the small scene of Helsinki as their petri dish since 2014. The small tight-knit music community where they formed houses multiple genres under one roof, unlike larger cities that commonly sector off into various genres. On any given night in Helsinki, you might experience an electronic group, an experimental noise performance, and a pop band all on the same bill.

This is clearly reflected in Lake Jons’ sound; they use samples, simple and driving rhythms, delicate guitar progressions and powerful, soulful vocals as the pillars of their sound. Exploring themes of introspection, existentialism, and human relationships, the lyrics detail a quieter existence. A calm and persistent “life will go on” motif is prevalent throughout their first full-length album Lake Jons, out January 19th on AntiFragle Music.

For their self-titled debut album (out January 19th via AntiFragile Music), Lake Jons retreated to an isolated cabin deep into the Finnish forest during the few summer months of the year that the Nordic country thaws out. The cabin had no running water, and no inside bathroom. It’s there, in a state of severe isolation and deep connection with the wilderness that they wrote and recorded the majority of the self-titled album.

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