Mint Trip

There are few sonic elements as beautiful as vocalist Amy’s set of pipes. The beguiling Mint Trip singer’s voice can’t help but bend listener’s ears. Combine that voice and Mint Trip’s unique, spacey, atmospheric sound and no wonder the Los Angeles based band, which formed in January of 2015 signed a label deal only 18 months into its existence.

The pop-rock trio’s approach is as refreshing as a York peppermint patty. “We’re just making music that we want to listen to,” bassist Brian says. Mint Trip understands the difference between writing sonic greeting cards and songs that will potentially endure the test of time.

The band’s debut EP “Books,” is comprised of five catchy, moving songs with vivid tales and baroque soundscapes.

The trio met while attending the University of Miami. The band existed for a year before leaving the Atlantic Ocean for the Pacific. “I’m from Los Angeles and I thought that we could benefit being out in this environment,” Brian says.

Mint Trip is taking a chance by not chasing trends. The group is more than willing to go out on a limb crafting cerebral, atmospheric pop-rock. “I look at this way,” Brian explains. “Being a full-time musician is the riskiest thing you can do. We moved across the country to pursue music together. We’re all in. We’re all up for the risk of making our own style of music. We don’t want to make music that sounds like anybody else. We took a chance and it’s paid off so far.”

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