The Hornblow Group USA

The Hornblow Group is a full-service artist management firm founded founded in 1987 by Jamie Kitman. Now more than thirty years later, Hornblow has grown to represent a globetrotting, dream-hatching, and superpower-wielding roster of artists in genres ranging from indie pop to rock to neo-Americana folk to Cave Music, a house music transmogrification that employs only saxophones and a drum kit.

Regardless of genre or style, Hornblow artists are united by musicianship, innovation, and that glint in your eye you get when you’re struck by the inspiration to try something that might be a little crazy. We hope that you’ll come along for the ride.

Take a look around and meet our clients: Eric Drew Feldman, Kennan Moving Company, Mike Doughty, Moon Hooch, The Rad Trads, and They Might Be Giants. (Click here to see everyone else we’ve worked with over the years.)

In 2011, The Hornblow Group founded Hornblow Recordings, an independent in-house record label distributing delight worldwide in the form of CD, vinyl, and digital downloads. Click here for the complete catalog.

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