Carita Boronska

Carita Boronska is a true "creator”. She lives with the constant urge to create something, whether it is music, stories, images or an invention. Her singing style has been compared to singers like Janot Jackson, Norah Jones as well as Tori Amos meets Janis Joplin. Her songwriting is pretty widely ranged and influenced by artists like Sting, Prince, Sade, Terence Trent D'Arby and Sam Brown among others... Mainly guided by intuition and spontaneous inspiration (qualities that have been fundamental when composing for example film music) she creates a very intimate and visual music.

Carita is the author, musician and singer of several Film-scores, Released albums, music for Television and some publicity. Carita believes that "improvisation” in music is like an instant composition. This is probably why improvising is and has been so attractive for her. It lies in her nature to "be creative”, invent, create and transmit her inner world of musical harmonies, melodies as well as images and stories.

Most of her work has been released/published in Spain where she has lived for more than 10 years In Spain she released various albums including the solo-album JAZZUALITY and Sound Tracks for various films. Recently, back in Sweden CARITA started her own Music Production Company called: THE TONETAILOR

CARITA is Writing, Composing, Arranging, Programming and Producing her songs.

Her latest solo-album is called HYPNOTIC SOUL (2018). She's had great musicians collaborating from all over the world and some of the studiowork and mix has been done in various Studios (in Sweden, USA, Brazil and in Spain).

In 2017 she did the filmscore for WALTING TILDA, a post-apocalyptic Swedish-Australian Short film and she is currently on a a mini-musical for kids.

Throughout her career, Carita has had the opportunity to know and work with a wide range of famous Artists and musicians, including American artists like Richard Evans (producer/arranger for Natalie Cole, Laura Brannigan, Tower of Power, Stan Getz, Dianne Schuur etc.), Bob Cranshaw (bass player with Sonny Rollins, Milt Jackson etc.), Kenny Kirkland (piano player with Kenny Garret, Sting), Jim Beard (keyboard player and producer with Wayne Shorter, Mike Stern, Bill Evans etc.), Randy Brecker (Trumpet player) and David Gilmore (Guitar). In Denmark: - Anne Linnet (Well known Danish Singer), One Two (Former Danish group), Niels Lan Doky (Danish/Vietnamese Pianist/Composer). - Antonio Cuadri (Spanish Film Director), Fransisco, Malu (Spanish pop-singer), Bob Sands (American Saxophone player & Big Band Conductor).

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