Trapper Schoepp Releases New Album 'Primetime Illusion'


Trapper Schoepp’s new album, Primetime Illusion, was released on January 25th.



CD & Vinyl

“From divorce to AIDS/HIV, the album addresses a variety of salient subjects with lyrics that span the personal and the universal.” - Billboard

“[What You Do To Her] serves as a plea for cultural awareness through Schoepp’s story-telling lyrics and unique visuals.” - American Songwriter

“Confident and flourishing throughout, Schoepp’s songwriting is influenced by classic rock songwriters but he has his own style and successful ways.” - Glide Magazine

“His latest and fourth LP, Primetime Illusion, is his best so far. Across 11 tracks, Schoepp has hit his stride lyrically, turning in compelling, character-driven sketches backed by strong hooks and melodies...It’s taken less than a decade, but Schoepp has finally created a nearly flawless album that is certain to be a benchmark by which all future music he makes will be compared to.” - New Noise

"The belief that abusers should be held accountable for their deeds may not sound all that controversial, yet it's been slow to take root in the music industry, which has a long, awful history of looking the other way. So it's always nice to hear a musician put themselves on the record calling for change, and Milwaukee's Trapper Schoepp does so vociferously on his latest single, ‘What You Do To Her,’ a rollicking Americana track from his forthcoming album produced by Wilco's Pat Sansone, Primetime Illusion." - Shepherd Express

“ The Milwaukee based troubadour’s third studio album serves up a generous helping of his slickly crafted musings on the human condition alongside a genuine treasure in the shape of the closing cut, ‘On,Wisconsin.’” - Original Rock

Luke Hall