Moncrieff has spent the past few years living in London, honing his trade – putting together the songs to form his as-yet-untitled debut EP.

Growing up with an insatiable curiosity for the soul and blues greats, he quickly established himself as an unmistakable burgeoning talent within London’s underground live circuit.

The video released today for debut single ‘Symptoms’ takes inspiration from Quentin Tarantino films, and the “neo-noir” film genre, which Moncrieff says influences his songwriting as well as the video.

As well as working as a recording artist in his own right, he has also worked with some of the world’s biggest artists, perhaps most notably earning himself the coveted role as a backing vocalist for Adele along the way.

A talented musician and singer, with alternative songwriting sensibilities, Moncrieff’s compositions combine a mix of both classic gritty blues and modern urban pop influences; a blend of styles and sounds he casually describes as “neo-noir soul”.

With a rich, powerful vocal delivery, and an explosive instrumental behind it – ’Symptoms’ – his debut release, is an incredibly exciting first statement of intent.

Moncrieff explains: “Symptoms is essentially a song for people who’s only religion is for making bad decisions”.

Reflecting on a period of time where he began making such a string of bad choices in relationships, Moncrieff decided to attempt to write a song try get to the bottom of why he, and so many others, get drawn into these toxic situations.

“There is something irresistible about being in a slightly unpredictable relationship.” Moncrieff muses. “Somehow the highs and good times seem so much more vivid and defined. Not good for your health on many different levels but that doesn’t stop people from choosing it.”


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