Don Brownrigg

“Back at the start, I float again
From high as a kite and sheets to the wind
Fighting the time stumble around
The spirals of flight I’ve tumbled down…”

And so begins It Takes All Kinds (to make this world, I find) the initial release on tinyrecordscanada/MapleMusic Recordings…created and recorded in Halifax, Nova Scotia off and on over a two-year span with basically just Don Brownrigg (voice, guitars, piano, keyboards, accordion) and producer Daniel Ledwell (trumpet, trombone, bass, guitars, keyboards and whistles) making most of the music, claps and noises.

In a country known for multi-talented singer/songwriters, the Halifax-based Brownrigg (via Codroy Valley, Newfoundland) has written 10 honest and vivid tunes resulting in an absolutely unique album. Both commercial (Sweet Dream Sleeper/When The Heart Resigns) and credible at the same time (Fight For Your Castle/No Smoke, No Gun), It Takes All Kinds is enhanced by Don’s lovely vocals (Just Breathe/The Swing Song) and Daniel’s one of a kind production (I Think I’m Leaving Halifax/How Are You Supposed to Know).

Brownrigg brings his charms to the live stage with a rich voice, filled with experience and wisdom, and captivates audiences with storytelling and soulful serenades. After releasing Wander Songs in 2007 (weewerk), he toured Canada, the United States, and Europe performing with the likes of Serena Ryder, Shawn Colvin, and Great Lake Swimmers.

“There’s love, there’s loss, there’s hope, there’s regret,” says Brownrigg. “There’s seriousness and there’s silliness. I like it that way. It keeps you thinking about the good and the bad in everything. It takes all kinds.”

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