Frankel is the musical outlet of Michael Orendy, a Los Angeles native who named the project after an oversize orthodontic retainer he wore in 5th grade.

Orendy launched the Frankel project in 2006, drawing upon his pop sensibilities and multi-instrumentalist skills to record the material himself. Chatterbox, his debut EP, appeared in 2006 on Three Ring Records, followed one year later by the full-length Lullaby for the Passerby (Red Rockets Glare Records). Although anchored by piano and acoustic guitar, Lullaby for the Passerby also made room for oddball flourishes, including toy instruments, circuit bent electronics and the theremin.

Piano remained at the forefront of 2009′s Anonymity is the New Fame (Autumn Tone Records), whose layered orchestral pop betrayed a love for Harry Nilsson and Randy Newman. A limited number of vinyl records were made for Anonymity, each hand-screened and numbered.

In 2011, the album Sugar Twists like Hurricane was self-released on the Peanut Dungeon label. Co-produced with Kirk Hellie, this collection of songs featured a variety of Hellie’s acoustic instrument collection including a 10-string tipple, baritone ukulele, banjo, u-bass and many others. 

A new 5-song EP, Signal to Noise, will be released in mid- 2016, followed by another EP later this year.



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