Michael Orendy is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and composer who incorporates elements of folk, rock and electronic music. Orendy launched the Frankel project in 2006, drawing upon his pop sensibilities and multi-instrumentalist skills to record the material mostly himself. Over the past 15 years, Orendy has released four full-length albums and four EPs under the name Frankel.

Anchored by piano and acoustic guitar, Lullaby for the Passersby also made room for oddball flourishes, including toy instruments, circuit bent electronics and theremin.

Piano remained at the forefront of 2009′s Anonymity is the New Fame (Autumn Tone Records) which showed the influential wit and orchestral pop of Harry Nilsson and Randy Newman.

In 2011, Sugar Twists like Hurricane was co-produced with Kirk Hellie and featured a variety of Hellie’s acoustic instrument collection including a 10-string tipple, baritone ukulele, banjo, u-bass and many others. 

2016-2017 saw a trilogy of Frankel EPs — Signal to Noise, Amnesia and Hunting Season — which ranged from fingerpicked folk songs to jangly pop.

His most recent album, The Future, is a collection of brooding synths, pounding drum machines, anthemic guitars and California harmonies.

Orendy is constantly writing and recording, so no doubt something new is brewing will be revealed soon.

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