Lucy Wainright Roche

“Gosh, this record starts out beautiful and dreamy.  The opening track, ‘The Year Will End Again’, rest heavily on an acoustic guitar and upper-register piano, some distant swirling, breezy, polyphonic violins and Roche’s voice like a gull riding a blue sky.
As one song gives way to the next, it’s clear all the songs are as beautiful as the first, and full of Wainwright Roche’s apparently-in-her-genes songwriting prowess.
The songs are individual and fully realized, but there’s something magical about listening to them in this sequencing.  Remember how albums used to be about that, and not about collecting random, disparate downloads into a cohesive product?
It’s nice to hear artists who can make that old way of making music work, through songs that would be just as lovely if they showed up on their own, sure, but together create a beautiful, complete body of work.” <NO DEPRESSION>

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