To explain Machine we need to go back in time. 1989 was the year when Martin and Ed met each other for the first time. They decided to form a band releasing an album on Mega Records in 1995. It wasn’t long until the band split up again in 1996 and went separate ways.

In late 2008 Martin and Ed reunited, reinventing themselves including their song writing and production work, ready to take on the world as a band of the 21st Century.

– A band called Machine was born!

In August 2013 Machine officially signed a distribution deal with Absolute Marketing in the UK for their first album ‘Voice of a Lifetime’ which was released in February 2014. The band successfully put out four singles from the album:

“Save Me/Say You Will” and ”Lovers & Fire/We Are Heroes”.

The album was produced by the critically acclaimed Yoad Nevo. Yoad is well known for his work with bands such as The Pet Shop Boys, Goldfrapp, Morcheeba, Dandy Wharhols, the Sugarbabes and many more.

Machine then were introduced to Hilit Kolet by their producer Yoad. Hilit is a talented radio DJ, a music host on TV and editor for a DJ magazine in Israel. She immediately took a liking to the band’s music, turning two of their songs into special mixes:

“Say You Will” (Boogiewonders Heart Bid Remix)
“Save Me” (Hilit Kolet’s Call The Brigade Remix)
“Save Me” (Hilit Kolet’s Hold The Brigade Remix)

Being constantly on the move with changes around the corner every day, the duo decided to change name. In 2014 Machine became Machine.

This is not a band per se, it’s a creative intersection, a fusion between Martin and Ed. It’s an identity with its own presence and the result of many years of music experience and a lifetime of influences. Machine is Martin’s unique voice combined with a brilliant guitar player. It is a song writing duo becoming one.

Machine’s vision is to work and revolutionize the new musical era knowing that musical aficionados demand better and more poignant music.

“We are production nerds who love massive sounds, in the studio and on stage. We want to bring this sound into the music scene in a time when most bands turn acoustic. We’re not a band, we’re a revolution!”

The band is ready to fill the gap that has been left wide open since Peter Gabriel’s ”US”, Seal, U2’s ”Pop”, Depeche Mode’s ”Ultra” or Marilyn Manson’s ”Eat Me. Drink Me”. And the sound of Yoad Nevo is instrumental in bringing this vision to life.

“Our first album “Voice of a lifetime” has a unique sound rarely heard of before so in order to get a taste of our forces it is best to listen to the album with high quality headphones and on full blast”, says the band’s singer Martin.

In 2013 the band bonded with an artistic fashion designer from New York while visiting in. The designer was so taken by their sound that she created hand-painted and very unique T-shirts and combined Machine’s music and images in her design. The whole collection of T-shirts is now dedicated to the band. The band is all about exchange between art, design and music. And this is what makes the band different after all.

With a lot of new ideas in their heads, plans to branch out into the world away from their home in Sweden, the band is excited about the future.

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