New Mystics

In the darkest of places, there’s always light.
Raised in the fertile oil grounds of the Bible Belt, I embraced the colors of the universe at an early age. Constantly in a daydream or mental exercise, I found solace in absconding myself from the prisms of rural America. My creed was unconventional – I embraced the beauty and love of others, but found
dogmatic rhetoric mundane and narrow-sighted. Normally, it was just a bunch of old white people telling me what to say or think. To this day, I rely on my curious and unpredictable imagination to take me anywhere. It’s my vehicle to the light. I often think about Salvador Dali trying to explain his art – but then I remember –the beauty of his work was that it always remained a secret. And the greatest secrets of my life are often hidden in my art – teetering like the middle finger and smile you receive from a trespassing punk who just
jumped your fence. It is here where I found the identity of a songwriter who built a relationship between melody and instrumentation. My songs are about representing, responding and navigating to identify with myself and my environment. It’s complex. Sometimes it comes easy. Sometimes it’s a nightmare. Whether through personal vignettes of resistance, power, attraction, sex, love, drugs, anger or mischief, my stories and the world that I built for them are the only light and colors I know.

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