Royal Outsiders

Royal Outsiders in an alternative indie rock band from Chicago, IL. After meeting in college, founders Steven Phillips (lead guitar) Alex Garrison (lead vocalist) began jamming in small campus apartments off and on for several years. Soon after graduating, the duo began collaborating on new original material in a Illinois suburban basement. After an introduction from a coworker, the two met with acclaimed producer Sean O’Keefe and began discussing recording a self-funded EP. A month later the duo completed production on their debut EP and quickly added new members Mike Bronk (bass), Manny Miller (rhythm guitar) and Jack McKee (drums) to complete the outfit.

Under the name The Central Standard, the band began writing new material in the same basement the original duo began their first material.  Their work culminated to a full album recorded in O’Keefe’s studio in December of 2014. Influenced by an eclectic mix of genres ranging from southern inspired rock and blues to modern indie rock. Constantly developing new material, and under the new name of Royal Outsiders, the band continues to make waves in the Chicago music scene with aspirations of making its footprint known on a national basis.

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