Sympathetic Frequencies

“When this band started I was in the middle of a total freak out about whether or not guitar was still relevant. It sounds crazy now after spending the last couple years working with this band and making guitar driven music that I love, but at the time I was seriously at a loss for what to do.”
In the aftermath of the break up of his previous band, Intricate Machines, Sympathetic Frequencies singer and guitarist Trevor O’Neill was searching for a new direction. “So much of what my friends and I were listening to at that moment had zero guitar in it, and I just felt like no one wanted to hear it.”

Luckily, in the midst of this confusion, Trevor walked into a Seattle hotel lobby and found himself face to face with Annie Clark of St. Vincent fame. “She probably doesn’t remember it, but that brief conversation and the show she played that night changed everything for me.” Clark’s Seattle performance made one thing very clear to Trevor: rock guitar is not going anywhere. “I left that show on a total high and ready to dive back into guitar head first.”

Trevor started writing immediately and recruited long time collaborator Daniel Berkman (guitar/harmony) who relocated from Portland to LA to join the project. The two put a band together and recorded The Possible Oceans EP, through which they refined their signature sound defined by forward thinking guitar work, booming percussion and soulful harmony. Trevor describes the follow-up EP they are currently recording as ‘more focused and closer to what we always wanted to do.’ The first single from this new EP, Wasteland, will be released in late 2014.

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