The Wellspring

Amid the grid of subway lines and rows of yellow cabs laid out like cornfields, a fateful meeting occurred in Manhattan. Just a few stories up from the roaring voice of the city THE WELLSPRING was quietly born. 

Dov Rosenblatt was the lead singer and guitarist of local NY band Fools For April. It was FFA that led Dov to meet with Talia Osteen, who was then VP at a film production company, about placing his music in their films. Talia fell in love with Dov's music, and Dov discovered that Talia herself had sung in a band, prior to her career in film. Months later, mutual fans of each other, the two decided to take a stab at writing together. Talia sent Dov a torrent of poems. It was these poems that sparked him to write music fervently into the wee hours of morning. It was this music that would inspire her to sing again. Together, they discovered a wellspring of music. Talia quit her job and the pair spent all their free time writing and recording together in Dov's home studio. 

Their music, which has been called "a mixture of The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, indie rock, and a touch of country," has taken off. The duo traveled west together to record their debut EP, released in 2011, with producer Bill Lefler (Dashboard Confessional, Ingrid Michaelson). The band was noticed by the CEO of LastMinuteTravel.com -- the proud sponsor of The Wellspring's most recent national tour. The Wellspring will call Los Angeles home for a time, before striking out on the road to sing their songs across America.

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