Afterlife Parade

Afterlife Parade is a musical collective and recording project born out of the heart and mind of singer/songwriter Quinn Erwin in the wake of loss and search for identity. True to its namesake, its sound is large and triumphant, while being quietly wise; celebrating both life’s glories and its tragedies. Afterlife Parade, like any procession, is comprised of a rotating cast of players and personalities giving it a life of its own in expression and execution; every show is a surprise and a call for the audience to interact with the band in a unique way.

“As much as I am the voice and the heart behind Afterlife Parade, Afterlife Parade is it’s own entity because of my friends and because they’ve added their own touch to its sound…it’s not just me,” says Erwin.

Afterlife Parade has a proud list of alumni including players like Jeremy McCoy (producer and touring bassist for The Fray), Jason Morant (producer in I Am The Actor), Jeremy Lutito (producer and drummer for Leagues, ), Daniel James (producer and leader of Canon Blue), Frederick Williams (producer, programmer, and touring pianist for Mat Kearney), Scott Murray (touring guitarist for Jessie Baylin), Cara Slaybaugh (Cellist for Gungor), Tony Clucas (live drummer and percussionist), Simon Gugala (live guitarist and multinstrumentalist), Colin Henderson (live guitarist), and Jared Foldy (singer/songwriter and live bassist). This roster continues to grow and change as Afterlife Parade grows and changes.

“I think it keeps things fresh for us and the crowd because every show is so different. Some shows it’s just me out there, sometimes we strip things down to acoustic instruments, and sometimes we rock out…we’re just trying to be sensitive to the needs of the environments we play in, the needs of the players, and the needs of our audience,” Erwin further reflects.

“In the end, we want to be community cultivating organism…the audience is as much a part of the band as I am or we are…the process starts with an instrument and a voice, but it’s our combined voices that make it a parade.”

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