Angel Snow

Certain full circle moments define life.

As the years ebb and flow, we eventually return to our roots ready to embrace who we were all along. While working on her second full-length album and first for NETTWERK, Magnetic, atmospheric pop chanteuse and songwriter Angel Snow experienced something of a revelatory awakening. As a little girl in Nashville, TN, the songstress’s older brother introduced her to the electronic sonic palette of Brian Eno, Aphex Twin, and Trent Reznor, and she found herself painting with a familiar brush…

“I love electronic elements, drum machines, beats, and interesting little sounds,” she exclaims. “That ambient style is something I’ve always been drawn to. It’s something I’ve always been passionate about, but I didn’t know if I could pull it off myself. While making Magnetic, I realized that I could. That revelation was a game-changer for me. It’s a dream that finally came to fruition.”

Building a repertoire as an in-demand songwriter and acclaimed independent artist, Angel’s road twisted and turned to get to this point. She wrote three songs on GRAMMY® Awardwinning singer Alison Krauss’s 2011 offering, Paper Airplane, as Nashville’s Music Row crowned her, “Nashville’s next stealth pop weapon.” Her 2012 self-titled debut spawned “These Days,” which notched 6 million-plus Spotify streams and earned acclaim from American Songwriter. After touring the globe, she desired to expand and evolve her style beyond traditional Americana and folk.

“I never felt like what I was doing really represented who I am and the message I was trying to get across,” she admits. “I wanted an otherworldly and dramatic sound”

Enter producer Lee Groves [Goldfrapp, Depeche Mode]. In December 2014, Angel began making regular trips to New York in order to cut what would become Magnetic. Her hypnotic delivery and cinematic lyrics entwined with Lee’s immersive and airy production, conjuring a spellbinding style.

“Every single song has a specific and significant story to tell,” she goes on. “Lee had a way of wrapping everything up to get that story across. The songs themselves are simple, but there’s a lot of open space. It can get emotional and theatrical.”

During 2016, she teased out the album’s release with the powerful plea of “I Need You” and irresistible “Secret.” Online influencer Ingrid Nilsen utilized the latter to soundtrack her “Something I Want You To Know (Coming Out)” YouTube video, which amassed over 16.2 million views. As the song went on to crack 1-million views on Spotify, NETTWERK founder Terry McBride personally reached out to Angel online with a deal.

Released through the label, Magnetic siphons stories of love, life, and loss through a dreamscape of drum palpitations, keyboard eloquence, and stark minimalism. The 2017 single “Photographs” fuses lithe acoustic guitar and a snappy beat before culminating on an undeniable refrain.

“It discusses several failed relationships that haven’t worked out,” she sighs. “It’s a song about finding and learning lessons from past relationships, holding on to those memories, and letting go of the negativity. You move past all of the shitty, unfortunate times. I think everyone can relate to that.”

Elsewhere, a resounding piano on “Let You Down” gives way to her haunting croon before another soulful refrain. “That’s the newest track on the record,” continues Angel. “I wanted it to be more organic and raw. It tells the story of someone who chooses to stay in a dysfunctional relationship for the sole purpose of just having a relationship. It doesn’t matter how terrible things are. It’s something I’d seen amongst my friends. We’ve got to put one foot in front of the other and not settle for less.”

The record spins together narratives of real issues within a haze of gorgeous musical alchemy. “It touches on shame, addiction, depression, and difficulties that everyone has to face at one point in our lives or another,” she states. Ultimately, Angel connects on a deep level by coming full circle on Magnetic.

“I understand how fear can paralyze people,” she remarks. “It’s something I’ve seen in my own life and amongst my friends.”

For years, she hesitated to use some of the sounds that most deeply moved her out of fear. Becoming willing to be completely vulnerable and lean into the sonic textures that made her feel most alive, she found the freedom to create art that she was instinctually drawn to. Out of that, the name Magnetic emerged.

“When people hear this album, I want them to feel understood and like somebody empathizes,” she leaves off. “I’d love to provide a little hope. I want us to be able to sit in the dark with each other and share our stories, what we’re passionate about, and who we were created to be. I want them to feel loved.”

The brand new album 'Magnetic' will be out on May 5 2017 on Nettwerk Music





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