Chrome Pony

Call it fate, call it karma, call it supreme chance.  Tyler and Kyle Davis are brothers born on the same date two years apart. This magic thread, strung between them, allows them to unleash overwhelming volleys of sonic power and control with spine-tingling precision.  Embracing the hip-shake and the head-bang, picking and choosing from punk, psych, garage, world music and rock n’ roll, Tyler and Kyle have used the intervening years to add dimensions and secrets to their tunes. With the addition of JOTA ESE and Ric Alessio, they continue to take their songs to new depths of arrangement and dynamic, without a shred of pretense or hesitation.

Tyler delivers searing guitar structures with meticulous detail.  Kyle’s drumming boasts a seemingly limitless physical display, underpinned by prodigious accuracy.  Bassist JOTA ESE grooves sufficient to render anyone’s inhibitions powerless, and Ric plays the rhythmic field with tumbling, tasty organ currents.  With three records, (Illegal Smiles, Lazy Bones, You are the Pisces) under their belt, and hundreds of shows behind them, Chrome Pony is set to release their newest addition to their catalog, ‘Past Lives’ in early 2016 and continue down the pavement.

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