High Flight Society

After releasing their national, self-titled debut album under Nashville’s RKT records in June 2007 and touring the country from Georgia to California to support it, the four guys in High Flight Society (Jason Wilkes, brothers Michael and John Packer, and Scotty Lockridge) had accomplished just about everything a young band could hope to. Radio success with songs like “Up Above” and “Time is Running Out,” playing shows in front of crowds of thousands and being named one of the top 100 releases of 2007 by itunes were just a few crowning achievements.

The road to success, however, is never an easy one. RKT shut its doors a year later, leaving HFS to independently record and release a four song EP called “Par Avion” in 2009. Despite doing it all themselves, more radio success came with the songs “Run From Yesterday” and “Inhaling A Bullet.” The new EP also got attention from several major labels.

HFS ended up signing another deal with Warner Brothers/Words Records in March of 2010. Unfortunately, due to restructuring with the label, they were abruptly dropped along with several other artists on the roster at that time, leaving them to wonder how they would proceed as a band. HFS walked away with tons of brand new material from the Word deal, however, and a whole new outlook.

Flash forward to 2012 and despite that hardships they’ve encountered, the flame is still burning. Fueled by the best music of their career, morale is high among the HFS team and their many fans all over the world alike. Using Kickstarter, the band raised over $5000 in just a few weeks to fund a new 6-song EP. Titled “Lights Come Down, the new EP was released in December of 2011 and will be soon be followed up with the release of “Direction” as a new single.

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