Kylee Johnson

Since the emergence of Ms. Johnson’s birth, her family has known music was her calling when her wails from the womb sounded more like Whitney Houston than screams of infancy.  Her family’s confusion at the child’s soulful wails solidified her future as an artist.

Kylee’s first concert at the age of 7 cemented her love for Michael Bolton and the secret confirmation that they could, quite possibly, be soul mates.   With an early array of musical influences ranging from Bolton to Diamond, Kylee’s recent influences are those of Ingrid Michaelson, Sara Bareilles with a sprinkle of Elizabeth and the Catapult.

A few years ago Kylee found herself working for a technology sales company and realized she didn’t want a job like Chandler Bing anymore.  With the current rise of Justin Beiber, Kylee decided that her voice had to branch out from Korea town karaoke and reach the masses ASAP.

In Kylee’s spare time she can be found guzzling orange Fanta, singing in the vocal styling’s of Robert Goulet and Ethel Merman and on special occasions you might be graced with some clogging from college show choir.



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