The Sweeplings

The Sweeplings make music that belies the boundaries of the Folk/Americana genre. Sonically, they approach each song as if writing for the screen. A swirl of melodies and harmonies bring you along on their journey, and the sounds they craft give rise to a myriad of imagery, akin to watching a great film. Powerful narratives support their cinematic melodies as the duo strives to create music that is not simply heard, but felt.

Unlikely in its beginnings, the duo is comprised of Washington native Cami Bradley and Alabama native Whitney Dean. The two work cross country & manage to create music despite the distance between them. Although they are a duo, their spouses help them write, travel, dream & create with the same goals in mind. It’s a four person team which helps create the musical chemistry that leaves you holding your breath, while being carried to a place of universal familiarity. The Sweeplings invite their listeners into a unique sonic experience that is both haunting and hopeful.

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