Nashville’s newest alt/pop trio, VEAUX, consists of brothers Aaron and Dominick Wagner and long-time friend Andrew Black.
After playing music together off and on for years, the band finally took shape late one night in a hotel bar over a round of gin and tonics. 
Their newest single, “Wander," links their past to their pioneering spirit, combining the feel of 80’s radio with indie rock and cutting edge pop. The name VEAUX (pronounced “vō”), a colloquial French term for “commoner,” is a nod to the humble origins of the members and their desire to always stay true to who they are. 
Aaron Wagner has this to say on the subject: “When we look back on our lives as old men, I want to be able to say that we were true to ourselves. We spent years being paralyzed by fear and perfectionism, and we are finally in a place as a band and as a family to create honest art and let the chips fall where they may.”

The band is currently in the studio writing songs and booking shows across the country.

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