Autolux is a Los Angeles based avant-garde rock band mixing in elements of shoegaze and alternative rock, formed in 2000, (comprised of Eugene Goreshter: vocals/bass, Carla Azar: vocals/drums, and Greg Edwards: vocals/guitar, has just recently signed to TBD Records in the US for the release of their sophomore album, Transit Transit, and ATP Recordings for the rest of the world. The album was released on August 3rd, 2010. The band’s first record, Future Perfect, was released on T Bone Burnett s label, DMZ, under Columbia. Future Perfect was released in the winter of 2004 and began with “Turnstile Blues”, featuring one of the most distinctive drumbeats and musical atmospheres of any album in recent memory. A Pitchfork review stated, “In the first 10 seconds of the album opener, Carla Azar shames most every beat-maker with her ridiculous Leibezeit-cum-Bonham percussion.” The song created a vacuum of precise tumult that pulled you in, stretched you out, and spit your altered shape through a flawless cycle of songs. The album’s otherworldly moods and eclectic makeup of songs made it difficult to categorize and gained the band much deserved respect. Four and half years have passed since the band stopped touring on Future Perfect. But the space since then has been filled with activity – in spite of any obstacles thrown their way, including the process of freeing themselves from Columbia and escaping with full ownership of Future Perfect.

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