The Bongo Club

Today’s streaming driven pop music is perfectly in line with the digital development. Perfect for open spaces, renovations and credit card purchases, coffee menues and all inclusive… including how we consume it. But somehow the room is getting empty and the echo is getting louder. A lot of music these days don’t have a smell. Sometimes it's difficult to feel. It’s perfect and frictionless and comes without any edges at all, fitting perfectly in squares and boxes.

Still, music is about emotions and must be felt as much as it is heard. Music needs meaning. Music must excite you, upset you and make you dream, scream, open your eyes, unite and divide… music needs to mean the world!

Three years and nine songs in to their career The Bongo Club have played in 19 countries including UK, Germany, USA and, obviously, their home turf, Sweden. Everlasting noodle fed tours has given this energetic and talented band a hardcore following of fans and booking agents all across Europe.

It’s about rock'n'roll, it's about entering the stage like a boxer enters the ring and leaving it 40 minutes later sweating! It’s about hating your day job and loving every minute in a half empty club on a narrow stage in a windowless cellar on a Friday night! There’s no bad gigs, never a bad audience just a band totally in love with what they do and destined to take their dream all the way by working harder and being more to the point than any competitor.

It’s about The Bongo Club and about the next Swedish wave of amazing music but this time in a different package than you’ve been used to for a while. The new album “Anybody Have A Lighter?” was released February 2018 - Give it a spin!

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