AntiFragile Music

AntiFragile Music was originated by Tom Sarig in 2017.

For nearly 20 years Tom has been a nurturer and evangelist for great music culture and brands.  Tom has run Esther Creative Group since 2003, an artist and brand consultancy which has managed the careers of artists such as Lou Reed, Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music, Violent Femmes, Rickie Lee Jones, CAKE, Jamie Lidell, Twin Atlantic, The Gaslight Anthem, Bebel Gilberto, Os Mutantes, Brian Fallon, Against Me!, Blonde Redhead, Le Tigre, Prefuse 73 and many others. For the 11 years prior to starting Esther Creative Group, Tom served as a Grammy-winning Senior A&R executive at various major labels including Universal Records, Arista Records, MCA Records, A&M Records, and TVT Records. where Tom worked with acts including The Roots, Nine Inch Nails, Erykah Badu, Gil Scott-Heron, Annie Lennox, Mos Def, Imogen Heap, Dj Shadow, Apex Twin, Sammy Hagar, Blink-182, The Specials, and so many others.

AntiFragile’s name is inspired by the brilliant book by Nassem Nicholas Taleb “Antifragile: Things That Gain From Disorder”.  AntiFragile offers a definitive solution: how to gain from disorder and chaos while being protected from fragilities and adverse events. The “antifragile” is actually beyond strong, because it actually benefits from shocks, uncertainty, and stressors, just as human bones get stronger when subjected to stress and tension. The antifragile needs disorder in order to survive and flourish. We at AntiFragile Music aim to help artists benefit from the disorder and chaos they face in the music marketplace today — we help them thrive in it.

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